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Ultrasonic Liquid Level Transmitters
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Delta Mobrey DMSP500 Ultrasonic Level Transmitters

Delta Mobrey DMSP Ultrasonic Level Transmitters

DMSP500 Ex Series


The Delta Mobrey DMSP422 DMSP400 and DMSP500 Series is a liquid level transmitter based on ultrasonic technology that is suitable for many liquid applications. Integral LCD display with push button controls and menu greatly simplify configuration and diagnostics. An internal temperature sensor compensates for temperature affects. The level, contents or flow measurement is available on the 4–20 mA and HART output. May be used with the DMCU900 HART® controller for local display and complex pump control.
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The distance to the liquid surface is automatically calculated using the computed time-delay. An integral temperature sensor continuously measures the air temperature around the transmitter. It then computes the speed of sound in air, automatically compensating the Distance for temperature effects. The DMSP400 and DMSP500 have a Remote Temperature Sensor option. The distance measurement can be sent through the 4–20 mA or HART® output.
  • 0-25M operating range
  • 4–20 mA with HART output
  • Integral LCD display and simple push button programming
  • Measures Level, distance, Tank volume, and Open Channel Flow
  • Ex certified 2 wire loop powered

  • Learn routine (false echo registration)
  • Empty tank mapping
  • Present depth
  • Set as empty
  • Level offset
  • Bottom blanking