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Delta Mobrey Hydrastep & Hydratect

Water/Steam monitoring systems

Delta Mobrey Hydrastep & Hydratect


Hydrastep offers exceptional levels of security. All measurements are interpreted as water, steam or contamination. Both short and open circuit conditions are detected and indicated as faults. As independent report by Factory Mutual Research concluded that the probability of Hydrastep missing a trip condition is less than 1 in 300 million and that nuisance trips will be less that 1 in 10 million. Hydrastep combines optimum safety indication with virtually no risk of false alarms.
Failure to detect low water levels in steam-raising plant can have costly and potentially disastrous consequences. Reliable water level detection is vital to prevent damage to plant and personnel. The Hydrastep electronic gauging system is the ideal ‘fit and forget’ solution to overcome the problems associated with unreliable, maintenance intensive gauge glasses. Designed for totally reliable operation. Hydrastep is both fail-safe and fault tolerant.
  • Fault indication on all displays
  • Multi-segment LEDS provides built-in redundancy
  • All signal path wiring continuously monitored

  • Up to 16 trips/alarms operable at selected water levels
  • Choice of 8 to 32 electrode resolution
  • Modular system to match requirements
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