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KANSAI KF500 Diaphragm Level Switch

Diaphragm Level Switch

KANSAI KF-500 Series


The Diaphragm Type Level Switch is a level switch detecting an object to be measured, through utilizing the pressure change affected by water rise and fall in a pipe. As water level rises, air pressure inside a pipe gets higher. When the measuring face of diaphragm falls under the air pressure, the diaphragm presses a micro switch, thus turning it on. In turn, as the water level descends and the air pressure inside the detection pipe gets lower, the output contact will return to the initial condition
D-070-1003E (241 KB)
A simple design of the moving part now comes up with the reliable operation. The detection level is arbitrarily adjustable depending upon the length of the detection pipe
  • Temperature -20℃ to +150℃
  • Enclosure Rating Equivalent to IP54
  • ANSI and DIN can be available
  • In view of working pressure being minute
  • completely seal the housing body and the detection pipe with seal adhesives in liquid form
  • It is also possible to change the detection water-level by fixing a sliding flange
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