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Delta Mobrey 9700 Series


The 9700 Series transmitter is designed to perform in the extreme conditions of today’s industrial measurement applications. Transmitters are available in both submersible and externally mounted (floodable) versions. Each transmitter version gives a high performance, has good long term stability, and is virtually maintenance free. A ceramic sensor ensures precise and reliable measurement with an accuracy of better than 0.1%.
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The 9700 Series range of tank level transmitters from Delta Mobrey provide the measurement solution where in-tank problems such as foaming, vapor layers, and temperature gradients prohibit the use of other instrumentation.
  • Two-wire 24V dc loop-powered
  • Accuracy +/-0.1% of calibrated span
  • Ranges up to 200m/656 ft. H2O
Product Data Sheet IP0078

  • 4-20mA output signal proportional level
  • Low cost installation
  • Unaffected by difficult ullage condition
  • Site adjustable SG compensation
  • Flush mounted ceramic sensor
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