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Float Switch

Mobrey Horizontal Float Level Switches
As the liquid level increases and passes the level of the float, the float pivots upwards and switches the output. Similarly, as the level of the liquid decreases and falls below the level of the float, the float pivots downwards and again switches the output. The magnetically-coupled, snap-action switching with no springs means reduced maintenance, and there are no glands or linkages which could cause leaks.
  • Simple, rugged and reliable
  • Side or top mounting
  • Direct or chamber mounting
  • Full range of flange mountings
  • Variety of switch mechanisms
  • Electrical or pneumatic switching
  • Materials of construction to suit most liquids

  • Reliable high and low liquid level detection is essential.
  • Overfills and overflows are dangerous and costly, while empty vessels lead to pumps running dry
  • It is common practice to fit an independent high level alarm switch as a back-up device
Product Data Sheet IP101