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Mobrey MLT100 Displacer Level Transmitter
The Mobrey MLT100 level transmitter is one of the most advanced displacer based devices on the market, coupling the time proven buoyancy principle with state of the art electronics in an instrument of high reliability. The transmitter can be mounted directly into vessel or may be externally mounted in a chamber to allow isolation for planned maintenance or in-situ calibration checks.
  • 2 wire 24v dc loop powered
  • 4-20mA output
  • Digital communications-HART compatible
  • EExd or EExia certification in-tank or on bench
  • Non-interactive zero and span
  • Direct or external cage mounting

  • Level, contents or interface measurement
  • Knock-out pots
  • Condensate drums
  • Alarm and shutdown duties
  • Condensate and methanol level alarm
Product Data Sheet IP116