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Mobrey Dry Products Level Control Catalogue

Mobrey Dry Products Level Control Catalogue

CLS RF Capacitance Level Switch

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This self calibrating RF capacitance level switch includes a microprocessor controlled Power shield probe which overcomes the effects of product build up on the probe, allowing reliable use in a wide range of free flowing and sticky dry products.
Used for high or low level alarm in silos and hoppers of products, the CLS detects the presence or absence of products by monitoring the change in capacitance around the probe as it becomes covered or uncovered.
  • No moving parts
  • Material build up
  • compensator
  • Self calibrating
  • Adjustable time delay
  • Top or side mounting
  • Rigid or flexible probe

  • Granular, pelletised or
  • powdered dry products
  • Sticky or clinging
  • products
  • Sludges and slurries
  • High, intermediate or low level alarm
Product Data Sheet IP400