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Mobrey Dry Products Level Control Catalogue

Mobrey Dry Products Level Control Catalogue

PLS Paddle Level Switch

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An electric motor drives the paddle which rotates freely in the absence of dry material. When the paddle is impeded by the presence of material, the motor rotates within the housing to actuate a microswitch and signal and alarm. As soon as the paddle is stopped from rotating, power to the motor is cut, extending the motor life. Once the material level falls, the motor is returned to its normal position and the paddle begins to rotate.
  • Time proven
  • Simple and reliable
  • Universal-Works in almost any dry material
  • Top or side mounting
  • Standard models to +150℃
  • Safepoint failsafe model with fault relay
  • ATEX dust approval

  • Aggregates
  • Granular dry products
  • Pelletised dry products
  • Powdered dry products
  • High, intermediate or low level alarm
Product Data Sheet IP400