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ZIP-WAY Venturi Tube
ZW09 The venture tube is a differential pressure producing flow device that is used to measure flow rate through a pipe. Pressure difference between the pressure measured at high pressure connection and low pressure connection is proportional to square of the flow rate through the flow device. The Venturi tube is related to the Venturi effect. For a conical tube with a changing cross-section (large → small → large), the smallest part is called the throat neck. When the gas flows through, due to the reduction of the cross section of the tube, the flow velocity increases and the pressure decreases. The minimum flow velocity of the cross-section and the maximum pressure are the smallest. The volume of fluid flowing through each cross-sectional area at the same time is equal. The fluid flowing through the venturi changes its speed due to the change of the cross-sectional area, and a pressure difference is generated.
  • Line size: 50mm to 300mm
  • Flange or weld-in construction
  • Pressure taps: 1/2” NPT others on request
  • Typical accuracy: ± 1% of FS
  • Materials: C.S, 304SS, 316SS
  • Flange rating: ANSI #150 ~ #600 RF, JIS 10K , 20K RF
  • Beta ratio β: 0.4 ~ 0.75

ZW Series Differential Pressure Flow meter

Averaging Pitot Tube Advantages
  • Multiple sensing ports on both up and down stream sides
  • Symmetrical sensor for Bi-directional flows
  • Integral 3 valve manifold
  • Energy savings due to low permanent pressure loss
  • Specifications
  • Sensor material 316S.S.
  • Pipe size 2” to 40”
  • Typical accuracy +/-1%
  • Sensor mounting 3/4”、1” & 1-1/2” NPT or flange ANSI、JIS

Orifice Plate and Flange Advantages
  • ZW orifice flanges are provided complete with nuts, bolts, gaskets and plugs for installation with no other parts required
  • Specifications
  • Plate material 304S.S.、316S.S.
  • Pipe size 1/2” to 24”
  • Typical accuracy +/-2~4%
  • Flange rating ANSI 150LB、300LB、600LB、900LB 1500LB RF & JIS 10K、20K、30K RF

Venturi Tube Advantages
  • ZW venture tubes can supply with or without flanges for fitting between flanges or butt welding into on-site pipework.
  • Specifications
  • Line size 50mm to 300mm
  • Flange or weld-in construction
  • Typical accuracy +/-1% of F.S
  • Beta ratio β 0.4 ~ 0.75
  • Pipe Reynolds-number RD range 2x105 to 106

  • Service: liquid, gas and steam
  • powder conveying, coolers, flow meters
Product Data Sheet ZW09