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ZIP-WAY Orifice Plate and Flange

Orifice Plate and Flange Flowmeter

ZIP WAY ZW07 Series


ZW orifice plates are precision bored to exact dimensions with a sharp upstream edge to assure accuracy. Orifice plates are correctly finished to the dimensions, surface roughness and flatness to the applicable standard. Orifice information (Tag No., Pipe I.D. Orifice Diameter, Flange Rating, Plate Material) are stamped on the upstream side of paddle. The flow orifice device is used together with the differential pressure transmitter to measure the flow of liquid, steam and gas. It is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, electric power, light industry, etc.
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Orifice plate is a differential pressure type primary device used to produce a fluid flow restriction in a pipeline. The differential pressure across the orifice plate is proportional to the square of the fluid velocity. Orifice plates are best used in clean non-viscous fluids. The most common primary flow element is the concentric paddle type orifice plate in combination with flange union. The main advantages are: low cost, ease of installation, accuracy, variety of construction materials, and quick delivery.
  • Type of bore: Sharp edged concentric orifice
  • Rangeability: 4 to 1
  • Nominal pipe sizes: 1/2” ~ 24”
  • Accuracy: ± 2 ~ 4% of full scale
  • Plate material: 304SS, 316SS or other
  • Plate thickness: 1/8”,1/4”
  • Flange rating: ANSI #150 ~ #1500 RF, JIS 10K ~30K RF

  • Service: liquid, gas and steam
  • Cooperate with the transmitter to display the cumulative flow, instantaneous flow, pressure and temperature.
  • With differential pressure transmitter, it can measure the flow of liquid, steam and gas
Product Data Sheet ZW07